What we look for in host families

Overall, hosting foreign language students can be a rewarding experience that offers numerous benefits for both the host family and the student.

Host families should be able to offer a safe and comfortable home environment, as well as the following:

  • A Private Room: Host families should provide a private room for the exchange student, which includes a bed, desk, and closet or storage space.

  • Meals: Host families should provide meals for the students, including breakfast, lunch, and dinner. ideally, these can be part of the normal family meals. The meals should be nutritious and balanced and should take into account any dietary restrictions or preferences of the student.

  • Transportation: Host families should provide transportation for the students to and from school, or help the student learn how to navigate public transportation if necessary.

  • Support and Guidance: Host families should provide emotional support and guidance to the exchange student, helping them to adjust to their new environment and culture. This includes helping them with schoolwork, providing advice and guidance, and being available to listen and offer support.

  • Cultural Experiences: Host families should offer opportunities for the students to experience the local culture, such as attending local events and festivals, trying new foods, and visiting local attractions.

  • Language Practice: Host families should encourage the students to practice their language skills and provide opportunities for them to do so, such as through conversation or language lessons.

  • Respect and Understanding: Host families should be respectful of the student's culture and customs, and be open to learning and understanding their perspectives and experiences.

By providing a safe, comfortable, and supportive home environment, host families can help exchange students have a successful and rewarding experience abroad.